Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Yes. I am still here. I've just been a very bad blogger. I have been working in the needlepoint shop thru the lockdown. We were very busy, just two of us, answering the phone and delivering via curbside pickup and mail. It was literally exhausting.

We've been open to a limited number of shoppers at a time for about a month now. Happy to have people back in again. But still exhausting. And a lot less fun than it once was. Not to be a complainer, but some shoppers are just too much. Don't get me started on the one who told me over the phone that this "isn't the bubonic plague and we all needed to get over ourselves."

Anyway. Locals, if you come in, I'm still smiling behind my mask and will gladly assist you in anyway I can.

I briefly put down my needlepoint for some detours. First up, crewel work.

This is an Anna Scott design called Scarlet Glory. Look up Fine Stitch Studio on Etsy. She's got some beautiful kits. It's nice to sometimes play with a sharp needle on fabric. Crewel is the first needlework I ever did back in the 1960s. And I take great pleasure in a how easy wool is to work with.

I also detoured into a quick bracelet. A simple peyote pattern with size 11 delicas and two sizes of triangle beads. Pattern and kit from Caravan beads. Just a couple of hours and it's a bracelet!