Saturday, October 30, 2004

Time for Tea

Yes. I did finish my wool tea cosy in time for our group's little tea party. Proud of myself too. We all agreed that the inserting the lining was a PITA.

That said. I did take pics. Spent an hour here yesterday trying to figure out how to post them here. I'm following all the directions on Hello. But somehow it's not working for me. I may just link to them on Webshots if I get frustrated enough.

This means that on the stitching front, my time is my own again. Except for one little project for the Christmas swap. I really really really should commence my gift for DH's army retirement. He threatened to go drop his paperwork last week. Whatever. I'll have to June/July to do this. My choice is to stitch for him is the Peace Eagle which I will frame with his medals. Peace Eagle: Cross stitch at
Though I like how they framed it better here ( browse down on right)
Scarlet Thread, Ltd. - Welcome! with the medals on the linen instead of on matboard. I picked up this pattern 2-3 years ago and wrote to the design team for permission to photo copy pattern so I'd have a working copy. Which they kindly gave me.

Now it's foggy and the woods out back seem to be glowing. All those yellows and oranges and russet browns. I think I'll get dressed and take a cup of tea outside to enjoy the cool, foggy air.

Friday, October 29, 2004

new phenomen

How did I miss this phenomen called Friday cat blogging?

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > On Fridays, Bloggers Sometimes Retract Their Claws

You may have to register for a free NY Times account to see this article. Sorry. Here's some below.

"It brings people together," said Kevin Drum, who began the cat spotlight last year on his own blog, Calpundit ( "Both Atrios and Instapundit have done Friday catblogging. It goes to show you can agree on at least a few things."
Mr. Drum has moved on to write a blog for The Washington Monthly called Political Animal, which, despite its name, features no cats. But for him, watching bloggers step back from partisanship in favor of the warmth of cat pictures is a reminder of the March 2003 day when he discovered that his cats offered an antidote to stressful blogging.
"I'd just blogged a whole bunch of stuff about what was wrong with the world," Mr. Drum said. "And I turned around and I looked out the window, and there was one of my cats, just plonked out, looking like nothing was wrong with the world at all."

"These days, all kinds of bloggers are Friday catblogging, often playing around with the

If you google for cat blogging there are all kinds of links...

What is the world coming to...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

If This Is a Dream, Then Don't Wake Me Up

There are not enough words to say how awesome it is that the Red Sox won.

I'm only 44. I know there are plenty of people out there who have been waiting much longer than I have for this moment.

But still. How great is a 4 game sweep under a lunar eclipse?

*happy sigh*

Enough Babbling

Spent a good part of yesterday working on my tea cosy. I finished adding the silk to the second side in a different way from the first side because I didn't really like how the first side looked. Of course, I liked the second way much better. This meant an hour of picking silk out of wool without cutting any of the wool threads and the colors are all ivory. That was fun. Only took me an hour to restitch it. Then I cut and assembled my lining. Cut the lining for the wool and attached it. This morning I've got to finish sewing the two sides together, then stitch the lining into place. Then decide, handle or no handle. Will post pic tomorrow if I can get camera battery to recharge.

Wicked Awesome!

Red Sox win the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Just Cross Stitch Mags

Last night I started going through my old JCS mags looking for stuff of interest. When I say old, I do mean 1984. Considering they commenced publishing in 1983, I think I've got quite a collection.

My impressions from the first 3 years: graphing was primitive. A lot of them done by hand and done badly. Subject matter was folk or country or meant to appeal to a specific audience, i.e. designs to be done as gifts for teachers. Not much realism except in the flora category. Some of the shops featured are still in business proving it can be done and done well. A few designers are still designing, but most have departed the biz.

I did find one really great article on needlework conservation that I'll keep. I think doing this little project is going to be like watching the evolution of the needlework industry in America.

And I found my project for our December swap at EGA. May need a tiny bit of tweaking, but it is definitely workable.

Monday, October 25, 2004

What I Found by Reading this Morning

I do find reading other needlework blogs to be highly satisfying.

This morning I felt like I hit the jackpot while reading In A Minute Ago.

inaminuteago - the blog

Go see SharonB's article from 10/24 and click the link to The Riches of Stitches.
I'm printing it the PDF right now. Great stuff!

stitching bloggers QOTW 10/25

What are you working on right now?

I really should compose a side piece on my blog for current projects. Maybe if I saw them listed everytime I come here, maybe I'd get to work on a few of them!

This week's priority is a group correspondence course class by Dianne Lewandowski for a wool on wool tea cosy. Our group is meeting on Friday and it needs to be finished. I'm not quite ready to put it together. But should have no problem meeting this deadline. Here's a link to Dianne's online shop. Hand Embroidery - Welcome to the Heritage Shoppe

I am currently searching for my misplacedcrochetted lap rug. It's MIA. Anyone seen it? Multi-colored, gold be the predominant color. About 42" by 36". Last seen in the spring when I organized the living room.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Friday, October 22, 2004

Still Sick - Now Officially Sick of Being Sick

Day eleven.
Will this never end?
I woke up feeling slightly better yesterday.
Was getting stuff done and everything.
Then had to run to the P.O. and on the way had a coughing fit so bad that I nearly drove off the road. After that, could not stop coughing. Argh.

A Day With No Plans

I officially have nothing that I must do today. Which is probably a good thing. I've been running on fumes trying to keep up with the stuff that needs doing. A few things got deferred.
Like I still need to finish my tea cosy. Which must be finished by next Friday. And the membership list that should have been mailed this week, will be available on Nov 1st.

Last night I made the most delicious ham and broccoli quiche. Too bad it was so good, there's none left this morning. There is still leftover ham and of course a pea soup in the making. Yummy.

Things That Need Doing

clean out garage before first snow fall
mow lawn one last time and run mower out of gas
put away lawn furniture
decide what to do with swing - I really don't want it on the front porch again.
decide whether or not to lay those paving stones in backyard
clean up flower beds
Ack - this is just the stuff outside.
Please, I need a few nice fairly warm days. Please. Some sunshine at least...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Red Sox

Bring it on.
Cards or Astros.

It's all good.

It's October.

And the Red Sox are playing baseball.

Well That's It

The Red Sox rolled over the mercenary Yankees. And now it's on to the World Series.

I can remember sitting on the front porch with my grampa listening to the Sox. He'd have a couple of beers, and I'd play with my dolls at his feet. This was back in the early 1960s. When win or lose, it was just a pleasant way to pass a summer afternoon. We weren't the Red Sox Nation back then. Few people had any expectations for the Sox till the summer of '67 made us all believers. We've had a few chances between then and now. And now is looking pretty good.

Brain Hijack

Obviously my brain has been hijack by this cold virus and any medication that I have taken looking for a little relief.

I wrote a nice long post on Tuesday, did not copy it before attempting to publish, and got caught in publishing recycle hell. Just kept saying 50%, 50%, 50%. Went on for many minutes before I just shut it down.

So Anyway

Back to my topic. Which was an EGA lecture we had by Pat Moore, needlework artist extraordinaire.

This was not a lecture aimed at conservationists. This was aimed at people who love to expirement and have fun.

First she covered different ways to paint your background fabric. With things like Aquarelle crayons, acrylic paints, poster paint, watercolor pencils, set-a-color fabric paint, transfers, spray paint, blo-pens, bleach. So much for tea-dyeing. She went onto papers, plastics and metals that can be used as ground fabric.

Her projects on these backgrounds are mainly natural flora. Lots of minatures. Lots of French knots. Beautiful stuff. I wish I could some of her work on the web to share with you.

We were all amazed. And intrigued. So many possibilities.

And I found a book she recommended yesterday at Michael's.
Off the Shelf Fabric Painting by Sue Beevers.
You can see it here - Books: Off-The-Shelf Fabric Painting: 30 Simple Recipes for Gourmet Results

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

still sick

But how about those Red Sox?!!

I'll be crying if they win.
I'll be crying if they lose.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

nothing needlework related done

Still suffering from aforementioned cold.
So absolutely no needlework accomplished.
Why not?
Because with headache and dizziness I'd have to rip out everything I stitched. Can not concentrate right now.

I did have to satisfy some creative urges and yesterday finished painting my scared black cat wooden figure.

Oh Nearly Forgot

In my brain fog, I nearly forgot that I dragged myself to my EGA meeting last Wednesday (I think I overdid it that day - woke up much much worse on Thursday.)

But I couldn't miss a lecture by Pat Moore, needlework artist. I wish I could find some of her work online to show you. She showed us some pretty inovative stuff. (This is not for people into conservation of needlework meant to last centuries.) About 20 different ways of coloring/dyeing fabrics. We're not talking tea dyeing here. We're talking bleach and watercolors and markers and pastels and acrylic paints and poster paints and transfer medium and blo-pens and spray paint. How about using paper as a ground fabric? Everything from silk paper to Tyvek. Not to mention metals and plastics. She definitely looks at things differently. With some amazing results. Much of her needlework is based on flora, so after getting a ground fabric she's happy with, it gets stitched with flowers and leaves with assorted embroidery techniques.

Each new thing she pulled out of her bag was a revelation. We were all impressed.

Monday, October 18, 2004

sick, sick, sick

No. I am not MIA.
I'm just sick.

Horrible, terrible cold has had a hold of me for the past week.

Things will hopefully return to normal soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

I've Been Felled

by a nasty cold bug!

Got lots to write but brain is not functioning properly

maybe in a day or two

Monday, October 11, 2004

Losing my Mind

I swear my post with the link to Passione Ricamo was not there yesterday. *shaking head*

Starting 5th skein of yarn on DD's afghan poncho. Of course, I finally found a place with all kinds of patterns and will have to do more of these as soon as this one is finished. Also saw a pattern for a lovely felted purse that can be done either in knit or crochet. How tempting.

Here is where I found all kinds of stuff. I think I wasted a whole hour reading here on projects forum - Index

Kids Home Today

And yes, they are still asleep at 9:30 a.m. Ah. To be a teenager again. DH has to work today so it's just us. Time to go wake them up and find something entertaining to do.

stitching bloggers QOTW 10/11

You've just been given a $100 gift certificate to buy anything cross stitch or needlework related - what would you spend it on right now?

Ah. A shopping spree.
I think right now I'd have to put my money on a new light with magnifier.

But what my heart really wants is more Italian linen...

Just In Case

If any scrappers have wandered over my way, welcome.

I started this blog in Sept 2003. It's mostly just ramblings about my life, my opinions, and my needlework.

Name of the blog comes from the fact that the area I currently live in is the worst place I've ever lived for needlework shopping. (Yes, I know. There is always the 'net. But I like to see and touch things before buying. Tactile shopper here.)

My site still isn't up to par after having to recreate things twice in the past few months. Just don't seem to have the time. I'm just a work in progress!

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Okay. I can see a post I wrote isn't here. Not happy with that.

That's throwing me off.

What was I going to say?

Now I've forgotten.

It's been a good weekend for sports at our house. DS ran strong yesterday at the Manhattan College Invitational at Van Cortland Park. Try to imagine over 10,000 young runners in one place. Boggles the mind.

Red Sox vs. Yankees. Enough said.

Army Football snaps long losing streak. Cadets bring down the goalposts after the game.

Army Hockey takes its first two games of the season in fine fashion.

No plans for today. Kids have requested a day off to sleep in, etc. I think they deserve it. (While DS was running yesterday, DD was taking her SATIIs. What fun!)

I'm off to play with my graphing software. Have an idea for the Christmas exchange. Need to get it out of my head soon before I lose it.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Finally a Trip to a LNS

I was mostly into buying supplies. The only new chart I bought was the Winter Sampler by an Italian designer whose company name is Passione Ricamo.

The website does have an English translation available, though not all of it is translated.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Swing, battah, batttah

Red Sox won, 9-3, against the Angels yesterday.

I did manage to watch the first half of the vice-presidential debate. What were they trying to do - bore us to death? After two rounds of crochetting in the green poncho, I gave up and went to bed to read. Even hubby gave up after 70 minutes. But the kids stuck with to the end. Good for them.

I'll put the blame for this one squarely in the lap of the moderator. Why was she asking the same things that were covered in the first presidential debate? Where were the questions about real issues? Why cover all this ''he said, he said" bullshit. I want freaking substance here, people. This is an important election and I feel like tuning out.

(apologies to overseas readers for u.s. political bullshit - but we are the 500lb gorilla in the world and this does tend to affect everyone...)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

To Do

Need to pick out a project for Christmas time EGA exchange. This year we've got free rein. Do anything you want - ornament, scissor fob, needlecase, etc.

Maybe I'll design something small of my own?
I'm in a red mood...

Yeserday and Today

Got my paper done. Got my paperwork done. Had my meeting and things went well. Met some new people, including a lady from Alaska who's going back there this week. Says she likes the winter. Good for her.

Went to library and picked up latest Sue Grafton book - R is for Ricochet. Just tried to look up ricochet in my American Heritage computer version and even though the word is listed it's asking me if I misspelled it. Duh. I know it's French, but come on people.

Just spent a large chunk of time reading the recap of ER on Television without Pity. That's enough to make me not watch it all year. How the mighty have fallen. Too bad.

I'm three skeins of yarn into DD's poncho and I've got two more. But may have to purchase one more in order to do fringe. Maybe on my way to DS's cross country meet. Michael's is just across the street.

Monday, October 04, 2004

I was So Right

See Patriots won yesterday.

I managed to write most of my paper yesterday. Then woke at 3:00 a.m. Read Stephen King's book, On Writing till about 4:30. I never knew he was such a serious alcoholic/drug addict. (Been clean for years. But doesn't really remember writing Cujo.)

Finally got up at 5:00 a.m. Finished writing the last paragraph of paper. Watched "My Geisha" with Shirley MacLaine and Yves Montabond. I'd never seen the entire movie before, only the last half. Was interesting. Mostly enjoyed watching Edward G. Robinson as the movie producer. What a voice he had.

Now I've got to go organize paper work. etc etc etc

stitching bloggers qotw

plastic bobbins? yes or no
What's your thread organization?

Plastic bobbins. NO. NEVER. NOT ON YOUR LIFE.
First, it's a major waste of time transfering all your thread to bobbins. Then it develops kinks.

My first attempt at organization was:

unwrap floss from wrapper
wrap floss around cardboard
cut in two
put through plastic ring
slip label back on over braid
put ring on larger metal ring

This worked initially. But soon outgrew this method.

Next. Tried LoRan system.
Wasn't happy with that either.
Had three binders worth of floss.

Current system is floss away (or similiar product) baggies.
It works for because I can have several skeins in the same bag and the cut pieces too.
All my baggies are on large metal rings organized by number.

My GAST and Weeks are in their own box.
My silks are all together in their own box.
My Flower Thread is altogether in its own box.

Sometimes I have to rummage to find what I'm looking for. It seems to me there should be a better way. But I'm not worrying about until DH retires from the Army and we settle somewhere more or else permanently.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


We saw Ringo on CBS's Sunday Morning and now DH is downstairs blasting the Beatles.

I need to write a paper for tomorrow.
I'm going to watch the Patriots beat the Bills later. Sorry, Drew. Things just didn't quite work out for you, did they?

I did survive my 9 1/2 hours working a concession stand at the football stadium.
Whoever thinks teenagers are evil needs to hang out with me and all the teens I meet.
Yesterday's group was hardworking, non-whiny, pleasant, funny, and in general just a pleasure to associate with.

But still the day lasted forever and takes a physical toll on everyone. And yet, nobody was complaining. It's a tough way for volunteers to make money.

Did I mention that the customers were for the most part just terrific. Friendly, patient, and appreciative.

I got to end my day with a lobster, chowdah, beer, and great deserts. (WW took a vacation yesterday - especially as I didn't take a break to eat lunch)

All in all, my good deed for the month. And I would do it again if someone begged me. But I'm not volunteering...

Friday, October 01, 2004

tomorrow will be painful

Tomorrow will be more than painful.
I have volunteered to work a concession stand at the football game with a group of teenagers. This will coincide with the worst day of my period. Ah. Great.
Smiley faces now!

At least at the end of this, I can look forward to a lobster tailgate. Fresh from Maine. Arriving in the a.m. And plenty of beer please. Tomorrow will be a Weight Watchers day off for me.

Speaking of Weight Watchers

I did manage a loss in my first week.
I can do this.