Tuesday, February 09, 2021


 I've been trying to get my studio space neatened up because I'm about to begin Natalie Dupuis' ten week course on the couching stitch.

Two weeks ago I cleaned off my desk. Last week I emptied an entire drawer. And it's still empty this week. 

This morning I got out my frame and cleared more floor space. Then came the hunt for the project with the koma. Which meant I did an inventory of what's in the credenza. And I wrote it down so I don't have to rely on remembering. 

Along the way, I pulled out the first of my four seasons canvases. And found something decidedly odd. This project which has been in a bag for two years is missing tacks. 


They were all in the bottom of the bag. But. WTH? How did that happen? 

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Sara Leigh said...

Needlework pixies. They mess with your old WIPs.