Tuesday, March 09, 2021

March Finish

 In the fall of 2019 I designed and stitched a little ornament for my ANG Chapter for our December meeting. We do a program called Holiday Surprise. So everyone got a piece of red canvas, a ball of white #8 pearl cotton, and my instructions. 

I did not have much of a teaching experience that night as the heat was out at our meeting location. It was freezing cold. Oh well. 

Fast forward to this year when I finally got around to stitching a second version. This one is blue on blue. With more blue for finishing it. 

I created a back to my ornament by just freestyling the information and adding some of the stitches from the front. 
A little bit of beading (like an hour or so) and I've got a finish. 

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Sara Leigh said...

I love the way you did the back. So clever.