Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Behind Because Blah, or my 2022 Plan

 New Year. New plans. Completely derailed by massive cold. Not Covid-19. Everyone tested negative. But no energy and I've barely been keeping up with the basics.

Now that I have had two nights of sleep without coughing, I can feel the brain cells starting to function properly.

Twenty years ago, I joined the Mid-Hudson Chapter of the EGA in the Metropolitan Region. A very nice lady(Martha!), saw me ask online about stitching opportunities around West Point and she invited me to the September meeting. Well. I I had found my people. It was sad to move away from my new friends after three years, but Army retirement happened along with a final Army move.

I arrived in northern Virginia in July of 2005. Visited all the local shops and joined my new primary chapter, Oatlands. So many talented people, so much beautiful needlework. By 2011, I attended my first National Seminar. And though I don't go every year, I go as often as possible. I've won some ribbons of every color, worked on a needlepoint magazine, become a shop girl in a needlepoint shop. 

I've had the opportunity to try so many different techniques. And my stash reflects this.

Thus, this year my plan is to to do WIPGO with 20 EGA pieces. What is WIPGO? It's a Facebook group that calls out 2 numbers a month and those are the WIPs you work on. My goal is 8hours on each piece. That will be enough to finish some of them. Others, 8 hours will move me along and hopefully keep me motivated.

First numbers are 2 & 19. R. LeTellier from Queenstown Sampler Designs is #2. I've already worked 5 of my 8 hours and will just see this through to the end. 
My WIPGO board. Nothing fancy. Going for a coverall! 


Susan said...

Great plan! I’m doing WIPGO also and it does keep me motivated. Looking forward to seeing your progress on these pieces.

Sara Leigh said...

I should do this along with you. I'm desparately in need of motivation to stitch every day, and we both know I've got enough WIPs to fill a calendar.