Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Sugar, Honey, Iced Tea

 Good intentions blown. Here it is nearly the end of February. Which means I can play catch up. Or just move on. Let's see. I've got some photos from Camp Wannastitch. 

First, very happy to have attended and not suffered from the Covid plague. Remarkably a healthy start to the new year. And being with over 160 people for days didn't change that. 

My roommate and I like to arrive early. Got there on Wednesday afternoon. Stitched in the afternoon in the former pool. Light, bright and spacious. 

                     Waking up the first morning. Always love that ocean view. 
                                  Everyone posing for photos. 
Two visits to Salty Yarns. We stopped on our way out of town. That meant we did arrive in the snow in Virginia. And Virginia hadn't pretreated the roads. My Forester handled it like a champ. 
Plenty of my chapter members were working on their Challenge projects. Here's my Echoes of Elizabeth etui. 
                                   Dueling sazeracs - one on the rocks. 

We freely admit that the food is a big part of the weekend. Lots of fish and shellfish. Not a bad meal all weekend. 

I will say that I got a lot of stitching done. I just forget to take photos to document it. Also found a prize or two at the give away table. Whoever left Scott Lee there, thanks! 

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